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Presenters/speakers at CALUG meetings are welcome. If you have experience with an open-source hardware or software technology you find interesting, then please tell us about it at a monthly meeting. A list of potential topics is available here. The list is by no means all-inclusive. If you have a colleague who is doing interesting work with open-source, consider inviting your colleague to a CALUG meeting to speak. Presentations can be informal or formal, short or long, with or without props and slides - at the presenter's preference.

Our exciting planned/past meetings include/included the following speakers. Select the "Topic" column link to retrieve information presented by the corresponding speaker and/or relating to the topic.

Date Speaker Topic
2022-01-12   no meeting
2021-12-08   no meeting
2021-11-10   no meeting
2021-10-13   no meeting
2021-09-08   Open discussion
2021-08-11   Open discussion
2021-07-14 Rajiv Gunja Security is the Responsibility of Everyone
2021-06-09   Meeting canceled.
2021-05-12   Open discussion
2021-04-14   Open discussion
2021-03-10 Amanda McGlothlin Joplin
2021-02-10   Open discussion
2021-01-13 Jan-Piet Mens OwnTracks (slides, transcript)
2020-12-09   Open discussion
2020-11-11 Chuck Frain ASCIIdoc & ASCIIdoctor
2020-10-14 Smallstep Labs Open-source Certificate Management
2020-09-09   Open discussion
2020-08-12 Chuck Frain Creating Your Own Certificate Authority
2020-07-08 Thomas Delrue Running Kubernetes on a Raspberry Pi
2020-06-10 RJ Pisciotta Building a Home Lab
2020-05-13 Tim Spangler Using Linux and Distributed Computing to Perform Science
2020-04-08 Chuck Frain Linux Command Line Basics
2020-03-11 Nick Vissari An Introduction to SaltStack: How to get started and operationalize your documentation.
2020-02-12 Chuck Frain Password Managers, featuring Bitwarden
2020-01-08 Thomas Delrue WireGuard (presentation, script)
2019-12-11 Brendan O'Leary GitLab CI/CD
2019-11-13 Evan Bolt Linux Mirroring Made Easy
2019-10-09   Open discussion
2019-09-11   Open discussion
2019-08-14 Chuck Frain command-line interface (CLI) tools
2019-07-10 Phil Shapiro The Most Affordable Computer project.
2019-06-12 Chuck Frain Binary Representation of Data
2019-05-08 Chuck Frain VPNs
2019-04-20 Field Trip! NSA's National Cryptologic Museum (10:30-12:00). Reservations (sent to Chuck Frain) are required.
2019-04-10   Open discussion
2019-03-13 Ray Lischner Open Document Format: Inside-Out
2019-02-13 Chuck Frain Org mode
2019-01-09 Thomas Delrue Creating a Resume With LaTeX
2018-12-12 Matt Duren #recruiterfail / #candidatefail
2018-11-14 Chuck Frain NextCloud
2018-10-10 Thomas Delrue Arch Linux
2018-09-12   Home Networks: Architectures, Maintenance, and User/Security-Management Approaches
2018-08-08   Open discussion
2018-07-11   Open discussion
2018-06-13 Chuck Frain Command-Line Basics (slides, notes)
2018-05-09 Tim Spangler DIY Cable Boxes with Raspberry Pi and a HD Homerun
2018-04-11 Shawn Webb BSD Malware
2018-03-14 Stephen Alexander Amazon Web Services (AWS)
2018-02-14 n/a Meeting canceled due to Valentine's Day.
2018-01-10 Thomas Delrue Running an OpenVPN Server on your Raspberry Pi
2017-12-13 Chuck Frain Importance of Documentation
2017-11-08 Eddie Roache Gradle
2017-10-11   Open discussion
2017-09-13 Thomas Delrue of Fundamental Software Corporate Surveillance & Online Privacy (or rather, the lack thereof): DNS Poisoning Using ivyDNS
2017-08-09 Berend M. Tober pass commmand-line password-manager
2017-07-12 Chuck Frain Nextcloud
2017-06-14 Scott Taylor Spacewalk
2017-05-10 n/a Meeting canceled.
2017-04-12 Chuck Frain Pi-hole
2017-03-08 Chuck Frain Nextcloud
2017-02-08 Keith Fiske Installation processes and how they differ on various *nix platforms
2017-01-11 Chuck Frain Command-Line Basics (slides, notes)
2016-12-14 The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (TOOOL) Lockpicking Training & Practice Course hosted by Unallocated Space at their facility
2016-11-09   Open discussion
2016-10-12 Berend M. Tober Command-Line Data Mining: Set Theory and Association Rules (presentation slides)
2016-09-14 Mike Goff Data Science on the Command Line
2016-08-10 Ben Colombini Asciidoc for the web: Creating a browser-based editor for Asciidoc for use with Drupal
2016-07-13 Berend M. Tober Fairwinds multi-player on-line strategy and math game
2016-06-08 Eddie Roache Introduction to Docker
2016-05-11 Tim Spangler Git from a Developer Perspective (OpenDocument, PDF)
2016-04-13 Chuck Frain AsciiDoc
2016-03-09   Open discussion
2016-02-10 Chuck Frain OpenVPN (OpenDocument, PDF)
2016-01-13   Home Networks: Architectures, Maintenance, and User/Security-Management Approaches
2015-12-09 The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (TOOOL) Lockpicking Training & Practice Course hosted by Unallocated Space at their facility
2015-11-11 Tim Spangler Open Source Apache From a 10,000 Foot View
2015-10-14   Open discussion
2015-09-09 Berend M. Tober Fairwinds multi-player on-line strategy and math game
2015-08-12   Open discussion
2015-07-08 Gareth Digby Using a Linksys NSLU2 NAS Device with a Debian Linux Distribution to Create an Internet of Things (IoT) Appliance for Teaching Forensic Analysis
2015-06-10 Chris Tozzi The History of FOSS
2015-05-13 Gareth Digby Using the Texas Instruments MSP-430 LaunchPad with Linux
2015-04-08   Open discussion
2015-03-11 Bert Virtual/Augmented Reality Systems
2015-02-11 Erica Woods 18 Suggestions for Improving your Interviewing Skills: Interview Prep Guide, and Interview Coaching Workshop
2015-01-14 Chuck Frain XBMC On the Raspberry Pi Using the XBian Linux Distribution
2014-12-10   Open discussion
2014-11-12   Open discussion
2014-10-08 Keith Fiske Don't Forget the Elephant: A Review of Modern PostgreSQL
2014-09-10 Erica Woods Fourth Annual Baltimore GiveCamp!
2014-08-13 The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (TOOOL) Lockpicking Training & Practice Course
2014-07-09   Open discussion
2014-06-11 Dan McDonald Illumos Home Data Center
2014-05-14 Gareth Digby Using Virtualization to Teach Computer Forensics
2014-04-09   Open discussion
2014-03-12 Chuck Frain Better Mobile Email presentation using Paul Frields' slides and configuration files
2014-02-12 n/a Meeting canceled due to inclement weather.
2014-01-08 Jeremy Potter How Technological Advances are Driving Collaborative Ocean Exploration
2013-12-11 Shawn Webb Transparent tor Proxy with FreeBSD and pf
2013-11-13 Eric Sproul Introduction to the Z File-System
2013-10-09 Shawn Webb Runtime Process Insemination
2013-09-11   Dinner and open discussion at the Columbia Maryland Fuddruckers
2013-08-14 Charles Hessifer How to Easily Secure Your Linux-based Personal Computer
2013-07-10 David Quigley Preview of Demystifying SELinux: WTF is it saying? presentation scheduled for O'Reilly OSCON 2013
2013-06-12 Charles Hessifer Using KVM to kickstart Your Home Lab
2013-05-08 Forgotten Information Security Challenges for Training, Evaluation, and Fun (e.g. Capture the Flag)
2013-04-10 Gareth Digby Tiny Tiny RSS (OpenDocument, PDF)
2013-03-13 Chuck Frain Live XBMC (as implemented on the Xbian Linux distribution) demonstration
2013-02-13 Keith Fiske PostgreSQL (as applied at OmniTI for practical example)
2013-01-09 Gareth Digby Moodle on Ubuntu 12.04 Server
2012-12-12 Jared Smith Asterisk, VOIP, and the Future of Telephony
2012-11-14 Etan Reisner Gitolite
2012-10-10 Matt Ryanczak OpenVPN
2012-09-12 Chuck Frain Using Linux to Serve Multimedia
2012-08-08 Matt Wood Encrypted File Systems
2012-07-11   Open discussion
2012-06-13 Chuck Frain The future of CALUG and
2012-05-09 Travis Pinney OpenStreetMap
2012-04-11 Kevin Whipp HSMM-MESH
2012-03-14 Jared Smith FOSS Distros and Communities
2012-02-08 Jim Sansing FOSS for Music and Video Composition/Production (OpenDocument, PDF)
2012-01-11 Dale Vogel Introduction to Git
2011-12-14 Charlie Fullerton The Arduino and BeagleBone hardware platforms (OpenDocument, PDF)
2011-11-09 Lewis Berman Audacity In-Depth
2011-10-12 Rajiv Gunja Mandriva Linux Desktop, DigiKam photo-editing, and Kdenlive video-editing
2011-09-14 Mike Cramer OpenVPN
2011-08-10 Jim Sansing FOSS for Music Composition and Production.
2011-07-13 Chuck Frain GNU Privacy Guard: Basic use and key-signing
2011-06-08 Chuck Frain Safe and Insecure Wireless Surfing: How to SSH home and proxy the Web
Epilogue: Annotated example of Port Forwarding thru an encrypted tunnel
Gareth Digby Setting up an IPv6 Tunnel using Hurricane Electric's tunnel-broker service on an Ubuntu-based computer
Bill Scrivens T3 with Haiti
2011-05-11 Eric K. Dickinson Linux on the Mainframe: zLinux (OpenDocument, PPT)
2011-04-13 David A. Lane [KG4GIY] Linux for HAM Radio
2011-03-09 Jim Sansing Hosting Projects on SourceForge (OpenDocument, PDF)
2011-02-09 Andrew Ruef The Read-Copy-Update Synchronization Mechanism in the Linux Kernel
2011-01-12 James P. Howard II and Peter M. Van Buren Using DVCS Frameworks for Homogeneous Systems Management
2010-12-08   Open discussion
2010-11-10 Etan Reisner Lua scripting-language
2010-10-13 Michael B. Rash Single Packet Authorization
2010-09-08 Chuck Frain Using GNU Screen and Byobu
2010-08-11   Open discussion
2010-07-14 Joe Klein IPv6
2010-06-09 David Quigley SELinux (presentation slides, example code)
2010-05-12 Mackenzie Morgan Ubuntu Development Processes
2010-04-14 Daniel T. Chen Making Ubuntu Audio Not Suck
2010-03-10 Justin Kirby Making the Leap from KDE User to Contributor
2010-02-10 n/a Meeting canceled due to inclement weather.
2010-01-13 Ron Swift Asterisk PBX in a Flash (PiaF) for Small Business/Residential Settings: PiaF without Tears. (presentation slides)
2009-12-09 Marcus J. Carey MetaSponse: MetaSploit for Incident Response
2009-11-11 Phil Shapiro Inkscape
2009-10-14 Jim Sansing Convertator: Dimensional Analysis/Conversion Calculator
2009-09-09 Theo Schlossnagle Reconnoiter: Monitoring and Trend Analysis tool.
2009-08-12   Software Freedom Day suggestion collection, followed by open discussion.
2009-07-08 Chuck Frain GnuPG in the FOSS Community: Why You Should Care (OpenDocument)
2009-06-10 Brad Ackerman Android software development, and HTC Magic phone demo.
2009-05-13 Chuck Frain Byobu: Adding Bling to GnuScreen, key-signing, and open discussion
2009-04-08 Celeste Lyn Paul of the KDE Usability Project The Importance of Usability
2009-03-11 Sean Wilkerson Centralizing Security Data - Current Threats, Trends, and Deployment Considerations (OpenDocument, PDF)
2009-02-11 Paul W. Frields The Fedora Project: Learn how to re-mix Fedora to create your own custom Fedora distribution and Live CD. (OpenDocument)
2009-01-14   Lightning presentations, Q&A, and open discussion.
2008-12-10 Jason Dixon, DixonGroup Consulting NetFlow Dashboard
2008-11-12 Amy Begg De Groff, Howard County Public Library system Director of Information Technology How the Howard County Public Library system uses FOSS to improve and expand services while lowering costs.
2008-10-08 Barry Grundy Data-recovery using FOSS
2008-09-10 Andrew Robbins How the Haskell programming language promotes bug-free software by enforcing heavy restrictions on source code, and on several open source software projects that use Haskell for this purpose (darcs, parsec, xmonad, yi). (OpenDocument, PPT)
2008-08-13 Dustin Mitchell Amanda - An Introduction to the Application, Plans for the Future, and Thoughts About Today's Open Source Development Environment
2008-08-02 Field Trip! NSA's National Cryptologic Museum (10:00-11:30). Followed by a GPG key signing party (11:30-12:00). Reservations (sent to Chuck Frain) are required.
2008-07-09 John Alan Hastings Public/Private Key Cryptography using GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
2008-06-11 Barry Grundy Linux and Computer Forensics
2008-05-14 Jim Sansing Realeyes Network IDS demonstration. (PDF)
2008-04-09 Christopher Gragsone Ad Hoc Networking with Linux
2008-03-12 Chuck Fullerton Giving back to the community as a technologist. (OpenDocument, PPT)
2008-02-13 n/a Meeting canceled due to inclement weather.
2008-01-09 Eldon Ziegler AJAX (OpenDocument, PDF)
2007-12-12 Jim Sansing vi: Our Favorite Editor (OpenDocument, PDF)
2007-11-14   Distro-Party: Bring a machine with your favorite Linux distribution to compare/share your ideas!
2007-10-10 Sean Wilkerson Log Aggregation: Tips, strategy, working solutions, and horror stories.
2007-09-12 Keith Fiske Gaming in Linux: Wine and nVidia driver installation/configuration over Ubuntu; configuring/playing World of Warcraft; overview of Starcraft and other DOS-based games using DosBox; overview of Darwinia, Doom 3, and Quake native Linux clients.
2007-08-08 Dan Deighton Overview of existing virtualization technologies followed by a real-world example featuring Xen. Tips, tricks and gotchas will be covered. (PDF)
2007-07-11 Chuck Fullerton and Chuck Frain TCP/IP in-depth, port scanning, and general Linux networking configurations. (OpenDocument, PPT)
2007-06-13 Sean Wilkerson Making a failed COTS solution useful with FOSS: How we overcame a technical limitation with a proprietary solution using a little creativity and FOSS to convert 100 COTS IDS appliances into our own security platforms.
2007-05-09 John Harmon and Terry Dunlap VoIP: Asterisk over Linux on both general-purpose and embedded computers.
2007-04-11 Ron Gula Linux in the Marketplace
2007-03-14 Jim Sansing RenaissanceCore network IDS
2007-02-14 n/a Meeting canceled due to Valentine's Day.
2007-01-10 Chuck Fullerton and Jim Sansing Linux Security: Nessus3, Security Websites
2006-12-13 Etan Reisner Version Control Software (part 1)
2006-11-08   ssh, Tips/Tricks/Tools
2006-10-11 Chuck Fullerton Organization direction / Open discussion
2006-09-13   SELinux
2006-07-12 David Wheeler Open Document Format, Open Standards Security (OpenDocument, PDF)
2006-06-14 John Szakmeister Linux High Availability
2006-05-10 Christopher Worsley, HP Familiar Linux
2006-04-12 Andrew L. Packet Filtering with OpenBSD
2006-03-08   Open discussion / Install Fest
2006-02-08 Jason Dixon, DixonGroup Consulting Packet Filtering with OpenBSD
2006-01-11   Open discussion / Install Fest
2005-12-14   Open discussion / Install Fest
2005-11-09 Marc Curry Advanced iptables
2005-10-12 Eric Smith Using tb-sshdfilter to Thwart Automated ssh Attacks
2005-09-14   Open discussion
2005-08-10   Open discussion
2005-06-08 Ray Lischner HDTV MythTV
2005-05-11 Wind River Systems Embedded Linux Development Tools
2005-04-13 John Gorski SGI and Linux
2005-03-09   Open discussion
2005-02-09 Jim Sansing Subversion (OpenDocument, PDF)
2005-01-12   Open discussion; Meet and mingle at new meeting location.
2004-12-09 Jason Dixon *BSD night (Intro to BSD PDF, CARP PDF)
2004-11-10 Karl MacMillan Security Enhanced Linux (OpenDocument)
2004-10-13 Donald Becker Scyld Beowulf Clustering
2004-09-08 Bruce Potter MacOSX and Linux (PPT, OpenDocument, PDF)
2004-08-11 John Unekis Exploring OpenLDAP (PPT)
2004-07-14 Jason Dixon Secure Email Solutions (OpenDocument, PDF)
2004-06-09 David Cafaro Mobile Linux
2004-05-12 Mike Atamas (Website) Lua and dynamic standardized config files. (OpenDocument)
2004-04-14 William DeSalvo Platform Computing Parallel Job Execution on Linux HPC Clusters (PPT, OO, PPT, OO2)
2004-03-10 Luis Salazar and Mike Ricksecker Linux @ Your Library
2004-02-11   Open discussion (Q&A)
2004-01-14 Rod Gomez How to use autoconf/automake to automate installation of software on Unix-like OS'es.
2003-12-10   Hardware Swap
2003-11-12 David Cafaro RHL Where to go? (OpenDocument, PDF)
2003-09-10 Raven Alder Pen-Testing (OpenDocument, PDF)
2003-08-13 Jason Dixon Securing 802.11b Wireless Networks (OpenDocument)
2003-07-09 Mike Atamas Gentoo and Portage (OpenDocument, Jpeg)
2003-06-11 Rod Gomez Live Linux CD's
2003-05-14 Jason Cooper LFS (Linux From Scratch)
2003-04-09 David Cafaro SAMBA: Windows net on Linux (PDF, OpenDocument)
2003-03-12 Aaron Davis Mac OS X
2003-02-12 Jason Dixon LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL Perl (PDF, PS)
2003-01-08 Rod Gomez and David Cafaro Linux Multimedia - playing Quicktime (and others) with Mplayer software and DVDs under Linux.
2002-12-11 n/a Meeting canceled due to inclement weather.
2002-11-13 John Lewis Information Assurance Demo (PDF)
2002-10-09 Kelly 'STrRedWolf' Price Apache used to support 6,000+ websites.
2002-09-11 David Cafaro The Sharp Zaurus
2002-08-14 Jason Dixon Red Hat Certified Engineer Overview
2002-07-10 Dave Dodge Linux on the PlayStation 2
2002-06-12 Paul Ritchie Introduction to Snort
2002-05-15 Judy Novak Using tcpdump for Network Analysis
2002-04-10 Bryan Warnock 15 Quick and Easy Perl Tricks
2002-03-13 David Boyes Linux on IBM Mainframes
2002-02-13 Bob Gillette Win4Lin
Rod Gomez User Mode Linux
2002-01-09 Paul Everitt and Matt Kromer, Zope Corp Zope
2001-12-12 Neal Norwitz, MetaSlash Inc. PyChecker
2001-11-14 Lewis Berman, Systems Alliance The Bugzilla Bug Tracking System
2001-10-10 Jason Dixon DNS Setup and Use
2001-09-12 Larry Ricci Embedded Linux Systems
2001-08-08 Dr. Gary Goldstein and Associates Open Source collaboration with the Kennedy-Krieger Institute
2001-07-11 Russell Pavlicek Effective Linux Advocacy
2001-06-13 Mary Ann Fisher Linux at IBM
2001-05-09 Jon Lasser Think Unix, Bastille-Linux
2001-04-11 Billy Ball Linux on Laptops, Linux for the PowerPC
2001-03-14 Pete Loscocco and
Steven Smalley, NAI Labs
SELinux, (meeting slides)
2001-02-07 Bruce Gotwols, JHU/APL Real-Time Linux Over Greenland, (meeting slides)
2001-01-10 Marcus Ranum Security (burglar alarms)
2000-12-13 Rod Gomez Building GUIs with GLADE
2000-11-08 Eric Billings LoBoS Beowulf Cluster
2000-10-11 Jason Dixon ipchains and firewalls
2000-09-13 Frank Hecker Mozilla Update
2000-08-09 Robin Miller Open Source
2000-07-11 Guido van Rossum Python
2000-06-14 Eric Newton Recall: Eric's Excellent Open-Source Adventure
2000-05-09 Bill Rye Linux Certification
2000-04-11 Mark Butler Linux Security